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Extra $15 color/ $20 French shellac add-on for deluxe, paradise & signature manicure. Shellac take off is not include.

For your safety, we never re-use any of our disposable tools and metal instrument are sterilized after each use. Our goal is to provide not only the best service in town but also the cleanest and healthiest. Your health and safety are our top priorities. Escape the every stress of life and pamper yourself at V-Star Nails Spa.

Express (15 min)$17

Hand soak, cuticle trim, nail shaping and polish.

Classic (20 min)$20

Includes Express Service, massage with a rich body cream, and hot towels.

Paraffin Mani (25 min)$30

Includes Express Service, massage with a rich body cream, paraffin wax, and hot towels.

Deluxe Spa (30 min)$36

After careful cuticle and nail care, enjoy warm neck pad, soothing soaks, sugar scrub with warm towels, 4 minutes hot stone relaxing hand massage, followed by 4 minutes neck & shoulder massage.

Paradise (40 min)$42

Beyond the benefits of Deluxe spa, treat yourself to Paradise by hydrating mask, regenerating skin cell deep hot paraffin wrap, and exfoliating seasonal fruit slices.
4 minutes neck & shoulder and 6 minutes hand massage

Signature Organic$47

A luxurious hand treatment with your choice of Organic or Herbal products.
5 minutes neck & shoulder and 8 minutes warm stone relaxing hand massage.

All Shellac service includes a Classic manicure.
Foil-wraps are used to gently not chip for 7 days, will repair free of charge. Under normal conditions you can expect it to last at last 2 weeks.
Not including take-off. Extra $5 will be added for shellac removal

Shellac color/French w/mani$34/ $39

Shellac color/French w/o mani$21/ $26

Extra minimum $3 on medium or long nails and extra $5 on cuticle cut.

Full Set

White/clear Set$43

Color Tip/Full Set of Polish$45

Color Powder$45/up

Pink & White/ Ombre$55/up

Full Set with
color/ French
$47/ up/ $52

Dip w/ Shellac (Full Set)$50/ up

Dip w/ Shellac (Overlay)$45/ up


Refill Light Clear Pink $35

Solar Pink on P & W w/ Polish $37

Pink & White/ Ombre
(Same/ Different)
$50/ up/ $55/ up

Color Powder (Same) $35/ up

Color Powder (Different) $40/ up

Refill & Shellac$41/ $46

SNS dipping powder has No odor, liquid, primer, and UV light. SNS are much thinner, light weight, easy to do and most importantly help your nail grow out stronger by adding 5 different kinds of Vitamins and Calcium.
Not including take-off.

Dipping color (Full set)
w/ Manicure

Dipping Clear/ Color Powder
w/ Manicure

Dipping Pink & White
$52/ $57(2 colors)

Dipping Pink & White
(Full Set)
$57/ $62(2 colors)

Dipping (Ombre/Full Set)
w/ Manicure
$55/ up/ $60/ up

Extra $15 for color and $20 for French shellac.
Extra $5 will be added for shellac removal.

Express (20 min)$27

Need a quick refresh? Speed through this pedicure with warm feet soak with cuticle cleaning, nail shaping, callus removal, and polish/puff of your choice.

Classic (30 min)$32

Includes all Express service plus chosen lotion and scrubs, hot towel wraps, and 5 minutes of relaxing lower leg massage.
Choice of Scents: Lavender, Cucumber, Milk & Honey, Lemon, Mango, Peppermint.

Paraffin Pedi$42

Sea soaked, nails shape, cuticle trim, callus removal, organic sugar scrubs, 7 minutes foot massage, paraffin wax, hot towels, and polish.

Deluxe Spa (40 min) $42

All amenities of Basic with hot basalt stone massage, heated shoulder & neck pads followed by hydrating, lotion, sugar scrubs with flower massage oil, and 8 minutes of stress relieving massage.
Choice of scents: Lavender, Milk & Honey, Cucumber, Lemon, Mango, Peppermint, and jasmine.

Garden Pedicure (45 min)$45

Includes luxurious, antioxidants and healing aloe body lotions with enticing aromas, organic scrubs, collagen mask, hot stones, & hot neck wrap. 8 minutes of foot massage and 4 minutes of neck & shoulder.
Choice of scents: Rose, Mango, Lavender, Boss, Forget me Not, and Juliet.

Paradise (50 min)$52

Includes all-of-the-above with fresh seasonal fruit slices for skin renewal, hot paraffin wax, and 4 minutes neck & shoulder and 10 minutes foot massage.
Choice of scents: Lavender, Tropical, Orange, Green Tea, Rose, Ocean, jasmine, Mango, CBD.

Signature Organic (55 min)$57

Complete your healthy freestyle with our ORGANIC pedicure. Focus on dry aching skin, sunburn. This natural ingredients and seasonal fresh fruit slices help moisturize, revitalize, and naturally hydrate the skin. Aloe Vera is considered as an intensive but gentle conditioner. Complete with 4 minutes of neck & shoulder and 12 minutes of hot stone leg massage.
Choice of scents: Pitaya Dragon Fruit, Milk Radiance, Milk Honey White Chocolate, Tingling Mint, CBD.

Rosie Kisses Pedi (65 min)$67

Treat yourself to the most relaxing and healing of spa experiences. Your tired and trampled feet take pleasure in milk and honey or rose petals. These soothing natural scrubs, mask, paraffin wax, and cream lotion will enhance wellness. 6 minutes of neck & shoulder and 15 minutes leg massage with hot stones.
Choice of scents: Rose, Hawaii Citrus, Red Carpet, Mango Melon, Peoney Orchid, Lavender, Tea Party.

V-Star Herbal Jelly Pedi (65 min)$67

Your feet will be pampered in translucent jelly with Aloe Vera extracts and our special blend of Herbal scrubs and soothing botanical lotion. Gentle enough for sensitive skin while providing hydration for dry and tiered skin. 6 minutes of neck & shoulder and 15 minutes leg massage with hot stones.
Choice of Scents: Lavender, Peppermint, jasmine, Rose, Lemongrass, Ginger.

Collagen Luxury Pedi (65 min)$70

Made with collagen, organic-base ingredients+ vitamins: relieve stress bubble crystals, organic sugars cane scrub, collagen cream mask, muscle relaxing gel and massage lotion with hot stones, hot neck wrap, paraffin wax, and 18 minutes of foot massage and 16 minutes of neck-shoulder massage. Scents: crystal waters, luxury pearls, No 5 perfume.

Detox Volcano Spa (70 min)$72

(Extra $5 On Gold/ Rose Gold With CBD)
Your feet will be pamper in volcano crystals with bubbling and fizzing. It comes with the excellent organic ingredients: exfoliating scrubs, collagen cream mask and massage lotion, hot stones, hot neck wrap, paraffin wax, and 20 minutes of foot massage and 6 minutes of neck-shoulder massage. Scents: tropical, roman, organic, green tea, lavender.

Shellac/ SNS/ Artificial
Removal only

Shellac/ SNS/ Artificial
Removal with service

Artificial Toe Nail$5/ each

Massage Me More$1/ min

Collagen gloves/ socks
or Paraffin wax

Cut down/ Repair/ Extra
Long Nails
$7/ $4/ $5

French/ American$5

Art Designs 2 for $5/ up

Polish Change Hands/Feet$10/ $12

Neck Wrap$6

Hot Stone $5

Trendy Shaped Nail
(Almond, coffin, pointy)

Shellac Only
(Natural nails/ Powder)
$21/ up

Tip Shellac
(Natural nails / Powder nails)
$26/ up

Manicure $12

Pedicure $20/ up

Polish Change Hands/Feet$7/ $8

Design $5/ up

Microblading/ Microshading $350

Microblading Microblading

Basic Facial (40 Min) $45

An excellent introduction to skincare designed to refresh your skin. It includes hot steam, pore cleansing, exfoliation, hot towels wrap, neck & shoulder massage, skin toning, and mask.

Ageloc Facial (60 min) $65

A complete facial that includes all of basic facial and the addition of Galvanic Spa device for face stimulation combined with rejuvenating gel mask. Our NUSKIN Organic Facial products will help your skin feeling smooth and youthful face.

Eyelash Strip On$25

Eyelash Cluster$38

Lash Lift$65

Individuals (silk)$90/ up

Russian Volume (silk)$150/ up

Eyebrows Tinting $20

Eyelash Touch-up$20/ up (cluster)

Refill 2-3 Weeks$50/ up

(Individuals Russian Volume)

Eyebrows$9/ $12

Upper Lip$6/ $7


Neck $10

Side Burns/ Forehead$10

Full Face $35


Half/ Full Legs$35/ up

Bikini $38

Brazilian Women$45/ up

Stomach $25/ up

Chest $35/ up

Back $45/ up

Choose: White Wine, Red Wine, Hot-Tea, Coffee, Soda, Water, Tropical Fruit Tea, Margarita or Mimosa.
100% Sanitization & Sterilization. Foot Spa Cleaned & Disinfected After Every Use.

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10% off more for party of 3 or more. (minimum $200)
10% off for Birthdays and Bride/ Groom

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