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♥ No overnight online booking
♥ Request any specific technician
♥ Please call (832)-847-4704 in advance for appointments
♥ Technicians might be late for next appointment due to unexpected delay from previous bookings
♥ Booking 2 services with the same 1 Technician, Must call (832)-847-4704

To ensure a favorable experience to our customers, please be advised of our policy:
1. No refund for any service done at our salon.
2. We are not responsible for ingrown nails removed or any infection. If you want, please come to see doctors/specialists.
3. All services that you received at V-Star Nails are guaranteed for 3 this days from the date of service. (broken nails or paint).
4. We are not responsible for any lost items in our salon.
5. Color paint of gel: peeling or splitting we only touch up the color originally used. If you wish to change color you have to PAY for color change service.
6. When you use white polish, white acrylics, or white gel color, we are not responsible for discoloration.
7. If you are not happy with your nails, please make us aware of it before you pay. We will fix them to your satisfaction or remove it.
8. Minimum $10 for debit/credit card (not including tip with sales)
9. No more stamp. We have point system for rewards via message and email.
♥ No warranty for regular polish.
♥ By signing below, the CLIENT, understand that you are responsible for informing your technician PRIOR to your service of any health conditions such as diabete, infectious disease allergies ect...
♥ PLEASE sign consent form to accept the risks of removing your ingrown nails, we are NOT liability for any injuries and damages known or unknown.
♥ No matching 100% on gel, dipping, and acrylic.
♥ If you are unsatisfied with services, please let us know before you leave.
♥ Check the price before your service done.
♥ Rewards will expire 6 months if not used (We will recheck and refuse expired rewards)
♥ Our system will not be automatically deleted expired reward.
♥ Redeem is maximum $30 and redeem used completely one time.